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healing from crisis, feelings of shame, guilt, or harm experienced from the church, religion, or spiritual beliefs

Christian Counseling

When shame and guilt become intertwined in our fundamental and spiritual beliefs, it can be challenging to know where or who to turn to when we are most in need. Our focus in the faith-based counseling services we provide is to be there in the personal and religious trials that often hinder individuals from receiving the understanding and support they need to connect with their beliefs safely. We recognize that the practices of one’s faith are unique to their individual stories of experience and circumstance related to the church. Without judgment, our therapists who offer the training and religious experience in these services work with individuals the faith practice has hurt. With kindness and understanding, we are here to listen and support you on your new journey of healing.

Our Christian counseling services are available to anyone who seeks this kind of support. Below is a list of your Story Counseling therapists with the training and experience unique to our faith-based services.

Christian Counseling Service Provided By:

Christian Counseling

Our Therapists

Hidden in the pages of our practice are the personal stories of each one of our therapists. Collectively they add to the purpose and meaning behind 'Your Story Counseling.' The belief that every individual has the power to reshape their life story through understanding comes from a personal journey each one of us had to overcome our own encounters. Allowing us to be more attuned to the stories of those we've dedicated our life's work to support.

Specializing In

While this is a comprehensive list, it is intended to be an overview of our services. Please contact us if there is a particular concern or need you or someone you care about is experiencing that is not listed.
grief and loss
Addiction disorders
anxiety stress related
EMDR Therapy
depression disorders

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