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Support and grief counseling for loss, death, divorce, and other life transitions

Support for Life Transitions

Loss and Grief Counseling
We all go through transitions in life that can be positive or negative, planned or unexpected. Either way, it’s normal to feel anxious, confused, afraid, or even uncertain when we encounter any unexpected or difficult change and grief. Whether we experience the pain of losing a loved one, a break-up or separation, post-college life, or a new job position or location, when we shift from one chapter of our life to the next, we all require a certain level of support to rework the way we encounter a healthy routine. Grieving loss or change is normal, and Grief Counseling can provide therapeutic results.

The idea that we will all eventually have to make transitions in life that we also all should know how to, is a societal norm that often discredits the complexities of these moments. Change in the things we become accustomed to, in any capacity, is hard to do. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now, and it’s okay to ask for support.

At Your Story Counseling, we believe that any life transition is a space of possibility for us as therapists to help you understand, grow, celebrate, and craft the next chapter of your life. We hope to join you on your journey of rediscovering your life in a new way. Contact us to learn more about Group Therapy and Grief Counseling Services.

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Our Therapists

Hidden in the pages of our practice are the personal stories of each one of our therapists. Collectively they add to the purpose and meaning behind 'Your Story Counseling.' The belief that every individual has the power to reshape their life story through understanding comes from a personal journey each one of us had to overcome our own encounters. Allowing us to be more attuned to the stories of those we've dedicated our life's work to support.

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