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Therapy & Support for | First Responders, Medical Staff, Public Safety, Active + Retired Military

Angie's Place

(post-traumatic stress, secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, relationships, addictions, and compassion fatigue.)

There’s an individualized culture that comes from the profession of helping and serving others. One that creates complex needs when the professional needs help or seek a supportive relationship after experiencing distressing events. More often than not, police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, and anyone who commits themselves to the profession of service encounter powerful feelings of loneliness, lack of connection, and misunderstanding that they carry with them long after they find themselves in times of need.

Considering the emotional intimacy that is created by individuals in these professions and the events in which they are called to selflessly respond to one after another warrant the experienced support from those who know the expense of that associated toll. We know the emotional charge it takes to perform at an exceedingly high level, contains the emotional weight of one event while amid another.

Within our practice is the understanding of former first responders and family members of these professionals who have an awareness of the benefits of shared experiences. Our authentic therapeutic approach connects us because of our experience through it.

If there is a particular concern/need that you or someone you love is experiencing but not list, we encourage you to contact us.

Our Focus

How We Help

  • a safe and confidential space
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved physical health by processing traumas

Support For Individuals Experiencing:

  • sleep disturbances
  • Isolation
  • post-traumatic stress
  • addictions
  • relationship conflicts
  • compassion fatigue
  • life dissatisfaction
  • secondary traumatic stress
  • vicarious trauma
  • suicidal Ideations
  • substance abuse

Director & Therapist

Cristie Fry LCSW, CADC

As a therapist at Your Story Counseling and the Director of Angie’s place, I look forward to working with the brave individuals I serve, those who are deciding to take a step into therapy to improve their overall mental and physical health. From my personal and professional experience, I value what it means to offer my clients a safe space of discretion and compassion. One that allows them to say what they need to say, how they need to say it, and to trust that they can leave it here in absolute confidentiality. My goal is to provide a direct and client-centered environment that includes an open yet goal-oriented plan of direction for healing. I hope that in our time together, you will find the space of being unrestricted to process your life experiences in a way that allows you to build upon your future without carrying the struggles of your past.

My professional experience in law enforcement, narcotics, child sex crimes, and death investigations allows me to offer a unique understanding of responding to traumatic events, crisis exposure, and the professional struggles of working within the public service environment. Currently, a member of the Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management team and coroner’s assistant, I’ve received extensive training in working with trauma, PTSD, Substance Use/Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, and Grief.

My goal is to help individuals learn about the connection between the mind and body as it relates to trauma to reduce sleep disturbances, increase resilience, improve communication and relationships with others, and manage the effects of repeated traumatic exposure. My relatable approach utilizes humor, honesty, and genuine support for my clients in hopes that we can improve their lives by building therapy into their regular routine. Just as we train with our equipment to stay proficient, protect others, and go home safely, we must train our brains and bodies. Together, we can change how we view receiving therapy and processing the trauma left behind from various exposures.

Experience & Specialties | Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Grief, Substance Abuse, First Responders, Veterans, Dispatchers,

Providing You & Your Family
Support is Nothing New To Our Team

Our mission is committed to providing therapy and support for those affected by their experiences which extends to Angie’s Place. A space dedicated to those who know what it means to “wear the mask” for the sake of service.

  • Firefighters
  • EMT Personnel
  • Dispatchers
  • Medical
  • Veterans
  • Military
  • Police Officers
  • All Family Members

Founder & Therapist

Clark Beckley MSW, LCSW

My professional experience in law enforcement and child welfare allows me to offer a unique perspective in supporting veterans, medical, public safety, child welfare personnel, and other professionals who are susceptible to experiencing personal, relational, and professional disruption due to post-traumatic stress, secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue or burnout. As an adoptee, I am aware of the experience of birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees in processing the complex feelings and thoughts connected to the adoption experience.

Director of Clinical Development & Therapist

Carla Marquez Ripley MA, LPCP

I’m blessed by the opportunity to support people who are brave enough to consider seeking therapy. My personal and professional experiences shaped my desire to support those who have recently been feeling stuck in some area of life, struggling with life transitions, and those who desire change and healing. In supporting people who are open to learning how they can be more active in altering their current chapter, I can best walk alongside them amidst their renewed strength, understanding, resilience, and hope.

Client Services Manager & Therapist

Mariah Carstens, LCSW

I look forward to working with individuals who are open to growth, positive change, and confronting their struggles with strength and knowledge. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of professional clinical settings. Through my professional and personal experience, I embraced the importance of building and nurturing meaningful and supportive relationships with clients in order to facilitate desired change.

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