Lara Govendo

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There are many individuals who, at some point in their lives, will experience trauma. Often causing a myriad of ripple effects, trauma occurs in different ways for each person- such as depression, anxiety, co-dependency, negative self-image, and unhealthy family dynamics/relationships. Whether it stems from childhood, medical or mental health struggles, relationships, or specific events, there are various origins of trauma in our stories.

I have comprehensive experience walking alongside individuals to uncover how trauma changes one's mindset to aid them in getting to the root of unhealthy thought patterns. Thought patterns that are unique to the individual yet often present themselves in unhealthy behaviors, distortions of reality, or a toxic self-image. My goal is to support people through this process of unraveling the web of trauma so they may begin to heal and create the next chapter of their lives.

I specialize in trauma-informed therapy and believe we are all impacted by trauma in the way it affects how we view ourselves, others, and the world around us. By getting to the root of the problem, I believe we can heal from the inside out. My professional experience has afforded me a wide range of techniques to equip individuals with the fundamental tools for coping, healing, and achieving their goals in life. While utilizing various elements of solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, person-centered therapy, and rational-emotional behavioral therapy (REBT), my primary focus in therapy is helping each individual get what they want out of our time together.

I look forward to supporting all who are ready to take that next step, whether in transforming the story of your life, working towards individual goals, or sifting through the distortions of your true self. Wherever you are in your journey, when it comes to taking the next steps in living as one's best self, I'd be honored to help

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