Maddy Hesslau

Brief info

As I complete my M.A. degree in the Mental Health Counseling program from Colorado Christian University, I look forward to my new role as a Clinical Intern at Your Story Counseling. I have a background working with diverse populations to help individuals understand their experiences to relate to who they are today. My experience and knowledge support my work in establishing a close relationship with my clients built on safety and depth. To provide a client-centered environment that allows you to come in as you are while holding the space to honor your story.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I would love the opportunity to honor yours together as we begin this journey of restoring and healing. I hope to work with individuals who are experiencing any conditions around self-esteem and family trauma. Most importantly, I want my clients to know that they have a safe space to go and be heard.

My experience in using a strengths-based approach allows me to help individuals in various areas looking for help to move toward growth. I hope to support my clients through whatever difficulties they are currently facing in life so they may take what they've learned from our time together and apply it to their life and relationships outside of therapy.
I can help with a variety of issues such as loss, anxiety, depression, relationship problems in marriage or parent/child, trauma, and more, but people are unique. I may not have the answer to every problem but together we can discover ways to cope. I use a variety of therapy models depending on the needs of my clients. I use play therapy with children.

I became a therapist because life can be very challenging and no matter who you are or what you are going through you deserve to be heard. You have value and deserve to be supported. I really care and would love to hear your story. I invite you to make an appointment so we can go on a journey of discovery together.

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