Karina Ramos LSW

E-mail: Karina@yourstoryinc.com
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I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Although I am a planner who enjoys planning for almost everything, things sometimes work differently than how you prepare them. Listening is a fundamental skill. I want to listen to stories and understand how you see the world. It's already thought to take a step into the therapist's office, but I will make it a safe space for you to decompress and share your stories. I hope to provide support to individuals or families too. As a human being, my most vital specialty is empathy and listening. We feel safer knowing that the person listening will be compassionate and can tell me their story to start healing.

I am a bilingual therapist that graduated from Governor State University to attain my bachelor's degree in social work and Master's in school social work. I've enjoyed the experiences I've gained from my volunteer work, specifically the privilege of being a part of the Global Brigades in Panama for legal empowerment and Ghana for public health. My mission is to empower and advocate for the vulnerable population. To use my educational endeavors to achieve my ultimate desire to help those most need it. I have experience working with youth and families through the education system, including Anxiety, self-esteem, Autism, Emotional Disturbance, school issues, coping skills, and many more. I want to create and develop unique tools box to help you thrive. Teaching you ways to deal with many problems can be the key to finding your inner strengths.'

In addition to my school social work, community outreach, and involvement in a mentor program for young children, I also have the privilege of working at a senior assisted living home. In this role, I serve people from many walks of life, including veterans and those who need support for various mental health and relational difficulties, such as memory care, grief, and loss.

As a therapist at Your Story Counseling, I want you to enjoy the process and feel challenged to build confidence. While I want to work with many clients, I would also like to serve Spanish-speaking clients. The client I serve will benefit from case consultation with my direct supervisor. I am honored to hold the title of therapist at Your Story Counseling. I am here to listen to your story, ask questions, and improve your skills.

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