Alexandra Lipp

Clinical Intern
Brief info

As a Clinical Intern at Your Story Counseling, I aim to provide a client-centered approach, and the empathetic support one seeks during life transitions and difficulties. I firmly believe that approaching the often-universal emotions of stress, anxiety, grief, or signs of depression with understanding and routine therapy can empower persons to grow. I profoundly value the dignity and worth of each person and look forward to meeting with a diverse range of clients, including kids, teens, and adults. Through the case consultation of my direct supervisor, I assure those I see with quality care.

I approach therapy and development by drawing upon my professional experiences working with adolescents and non-profit organizations. Elements of my education in communication, school program development, and advocacy for those affected by various mental health conditions have prepared me to support individuals and their families through unique life events.

With passion and understanding, I am honored to have the opportunity to share this space of openness and comfort with individuals of all ages. In our time together, we will incorporate a strength-based approach that empowers you to create new perspectives and techniques to enable, without judgment, your overall well-being, self-worth, and fulfillment.

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